Sermon Series


Romans Series: The Essentials of Salvation

A sermon series on the essentials of salvation from the book of Romans. Rev Garrett Eriks. <

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Father and son

Sermon Series: Proverbs for Parenting

The book of Proverbs teaches the wisdom of Jesus Christ for parenting through Solomon’s instruct

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Series - Prophet Jehovah

Elijah Series: Prophet Standing for Jehovah

Elijah proclaimed the word of God in the northern tribes of Israel in a time of great apostasy. Th

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Sermon Series: Peacemakers

Throughout this series, we learn what it is to be a true peacemaker. We learn not only about pract

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Sermon Series: The Life of Joseph

Throughout this series, we see God’s guiding hand and ever wise counsel as we follow Joseph from

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Sermon Series Archive

A collection of sermons series given by Professor Barry Gritters. These sermons are also available on the denomination's website

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