Thank you for visiting our web page. We invite you to explore the information which is available to you on our web site. We also invite you to join us in worship each Sunday at 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM. Our worship services are reverent and God-focused as we come into the presence of our holy God. Our worship services center on the preaching of the gospel, which expounds the Holy Scriptures. Our prayer is that by our witness in our church life and on this web site the name of God will be glorified, the true gospel will be promoted, and the church will be gathered. We also desire that the information found here would encourage and bless you in the way of seeing the truth of the Scriptures honored.

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Sermon Series: Song of Solomon & Communion

A sermon series on the book of the Song of Solomon. Viewing the book in relation to the Lord's Supper. Rev Garrett Eriks.

16 05 2018 READ MORE

Essentials of Reformed Doctrine

Essentials of Reformed Doctrine catechism class at Hudsonville PRC taught by Rev. Garrett Eriks.

17 02 2016 READ MORE

Elijah Series: Prophet Standing for Jehovah

Elijah proclaimed the word of God in the northern tribes of Israel in a time of great apostasy. Th

06 04 2016 READ MORE

Romans Series: The Essentials of Salvation

A sermon series on the essentials of salvation from the book of Romans. Rev Garrett Eriks.

24 10 2016 READ MORE

Sermon Series: Everlasting Assurance

Our most recent study of the Heidelberg catechism under the theme Our Everlasting Assurance. Pasto

15 05 2018 READ MORE

Sermon Series: The Life of Joseph

Throughout this series, we see God’s guiding hand and ever wise counsel as we follow Joseph from

21 09 2014 READ MORE